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the Ashleys
in Puerto Rico

Stephen            Oreo         Caleb            Gary          Kathy             Andrew        Abigail     Philip

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Thankfully God is not in Quarantine!

Our youngest son Stephen will turn 15 this Easter Sunday! When we think of Easter, we are reminded once again that Jesus rose from the...

A Transfer Switch Finally!

Three years ago, a dear church in Murfreesboro, TN, gave the money for us to be able to buy a generator for the church. We bought one and...

Girls' Club

Every Friday evening we enjoy our Girls' Club. It began two years ago with inviting all the girls in our neighborhood together for fun...


Since December 28th Puerto Rico has been experiencing stronger earthquakes. There is a fault line that runs north of the island that...

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Urb. Manati Chalets
114 Calle Zeus
Manati, PR 00674

256-497-5659 (Gary)

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