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We were robbed!

Last Saturday, April 14th, we went to the church to mow the grass and make sure everything was set up for Sunday, and we were met with a huge surprise! We had been broken into! Incredibly enough, the thief or thieves pryed open the hurricane shutter and entered through the window (leaving behind a huge knife that was used to pry it open!) He helped himself to a soft drink from the refrigerator, then proceeded to take various items: computer, portable generator, lawn mower, tools and new tool chest, etc. right out the front door to the street!! We are counting our blessings that they did not take the piano!

Immediately Gary began looking for someone to make bars for the windows and front door. Abraham, a man in the church, helped him find someone and within a week he put up bars for us! That is a HUGE blessing!!! Normally, work like that takes a month or more! God is so good to us!

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