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The year 2020 has been a very unusual one for all; there is no doubt about it. To us, that has been one of the unbelievable points of it all is that every one in every country is affected by these crazy times. Here in Puerto Rico, we have dealt with the same and have praised the Lord for His mercy and goodness through it all. The last week of July, though, we had the surprise of our lives. One sunny, hot afternoon we were all astounded to hear, "We're Home!" All we could do was stare. Andrew and Caleb had secretly bought tickets and flew from Alabama for a week to surprise us while they were between semesters of college. There were hugs all around many times over. Yes, Kathy cried. We were together again. Their visit was a balm and encouragement to our spirits. How good and how great our God is! Lord, we are thankful!

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