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Be A Missionary Every Day!

As a church, we were so excited to have one of our missionaries visit us! Though we are a small congregation, we took up a love offering to not only pay for a plane ticket for him to come visit us here in Puerto Rico but also to give him over one month's worth support in one lump sum! Our hearts were warmed and stirred by his preaching, the pictures, and the testimony of the many ministries that he is involved in in Valencia, Venezuela.

Klixon Castillo was a young person in the youth group of Gary 20 years ago, and to see how God is using him and his family for His purpose thrills our hearts! You can check out his ministry at

Be a missionary every day, Tell the world that Jesus is the Way! The Lord is soon returning, there is no time to lose, so BE a missionary, God's own emissary, Be a Missionary TODAY!

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